Certification Procedure

Obtaining a national designation will provide the prestige and additional credentials to announce your expertise and knowledge in the field of real estate and loan closings, not only in your particular state but across the United States.

      Certifications Available:

  •      American Settlement Industry Professional                         - ASIP
  •      Senior American Settlement Industry Professional           - SASIP

We are proud to say you are a part of our Association and look forward to working with you through this testing process. Let's get started.

 Step One: Applications Tab
  • Gather required documentation and note time guidelines.  This step is to prepare for the actual Application when you are ready as it is an online fillable form with options for uploading your documentation.  DO NOT PRINT this application and complete it by hand to be emailed to the Committee.  The entire application process is online only.
  • Exceeding time limits will require a re-start of the process, so plan accordingly.
  • Please read the requirements thoroughly so you gather the correct background information.
Step Two: e-Learning Modules
  • Purchase of the e-Learning Modules provides up to 45 day unlimited access to review materials and obtain a Certificate of Completion.
  • This step is required and time extensions are not permitted.
Step Three: Exam Application
  • Within 15 days of receiving your e-Learning Module Certificate of Completion, the National Certification application and all required documentation must be uploaded to this website.  You will receive a response or approval within 15 days of submission, access to the exam will be activated within 1 day of approval.  Your e-Learning Certificate will already by available on the site. 
  • This step is required and time extensions are not permitted.
Step Four: National Certification Examination
  • Access the exam within 30 days of the receipt of your Application approval from Certification Committee.
  • Once the examination is started, it must be completed in its entirety and can not be paused.
  • Logging off the site will be considered completion of the exam. 
  • (Re-starts are not permitted.)
  • Results will be provided immediately upon completion.
  • A passing result will provide a National Certification valid for the current AEA fiscal year expiring on July 31.  Continued education is required annually to maintain status.
  • The first time a non-passing result is received, access to the e-Learning Modules will be reactivated within 5 days for an additional 30 days.
  • Once e-Learning Modules are retaken and a new Certificate of Completion is received, the National Certification Exam will be reactivated within 5 days for an additional 30 days.
  • If the re-test results in a non-passing score, the applicant must wait 45 days before starting the process again.
Step Five: Certification Maintenance
  • 8 hours of continuing national education is required annually to maintain your National Certification.
  • Suggested education hours may come from National Events as provided by the American Escrow Association, National Association of Realtors, American Land Title Association, Mortgage Bankers Association, Property Records Industry Association and others.
  • State and Local education hours will not be accepted.
  • ​You must provide proof of the hours you have taken, preferably by Education Certificate.
  • This proof of approved national education must be provided no later than July 31 of each year at no charge
  • or no later than August 31of each year with a $20.00 late filing fee.
  • Non-renewal as of September 1 of each year will result in revocation of the National Certification and the certification process must be repeated in its entirety.
Contact us - 
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