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Welcome to the American Escrow Association National Certification website.

The American Escrow Association Board of Directors works voluntarily and tirelessly to provide the most current information and education available to its members. We are excited to provide this venue that will allow you to show your dedication to your profession.

Your participation in this program shows that you believe in the responsibility of the settlement agent in the real estate transaction and the importance of the process in order for our profession to PROTECT THE AMERICAN DREAM!

e-Learning Modules provide the background for the National Certification Examination with educational information on a national level pertaining to the U.S. Government, RESPA/TILA/CFPB regulations, IRS rules, US Treasury stipulations, Non-RESPA CFPB items, Federal Trade Commission Disclosures, and Industry Acronyms and Vocabulary.

The exam contains 100 questions relating to the above and requires a passing score of 80%.